Oslo – The Harold Pinter Theatre

On 13th September 1993, the Oslo I Accord was signed in Washington DC. The document, known for short as a Declaration of Principles, set out a framework to bring about a resolution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, in the first face to face agreement between the Israeli Government and the Palestine Liberation Organization. […]

A new stagey favourite: The Lion King

    Though I like to think of myself as an avid theatre fan, I admit I seem to have a bit of a reputation for being horrendously “late to the party” when it comes to certain shows, especially established long runners. I didn’t see Les Miserables until 2011, and I spent the evening of […]

Belated Birthday Happenings…

So, another birthday been and gone and as is almost customary for me by now after spending the past three birthdays of mine there, I spent it in my favourite city in the world with good friends and a fantastic show! My first mention of thank you for helping make my birthday special must go […]

Birthday Fun Les Mis, Phantom & Sweeney style, August 31st- September 1st 2012

So,  another epic weekend in London town gone, choc full of awesome memories that made my 22nd birthday weekend something truly special! Are y’all sitting comfortably? Good, you’re going to need to be with this round of fangirling! 😀 Now, as some of you might know, I went to see Sweeney Todd back in June. […]