Bristol Show Choir take on the MACC!

This past weekend was a wonderfully manic and momentous one: I was up in Manchester with my wonderful “castmates” from Bristol Show Choir for our first competitive outing: the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition! Now in its 10th year, the MACC was founded with the aim of celebrating the diversity and talent so prevalent in amateur […]

Oslo – The Harold Pinter Theatre

On 13th September 1993, the Oslo I Accord was signed in Washington DC. The document, known for short as a Declaration of Principles, set out a framework to bring about a resolution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, in the first face to face agreement between the Israeli Government and the Palestine Liberation Organization. […]

The Grinning Man – Trafalgar Studios, 9th December 2017

In the last two or three years of my theatregoing career, I’ve noticed that my tastes and what I look for in a piece, especially in musical theatre, has developed a lot from what it once was. I’ve become more open to new work, I love to be challenged and made to think, and find […]

The Addams Family – Bristol Hippodrome

I’ve a bit of an odd relationship with my local theatre in that pretty often, the shows we end up having here will either have me visiting quite regularly, or I can go months without a visit as nothing really appeals to me. Sometimes though, Bristol will play host to shows that make me incredibly […]

La Cage Aux Folles – Bristol Hippodrome

  Since my major local theatre had a bit of a facelift and have moved the wheelchair spaces forward thus offering a better view, I’ve been more inclined to see more shows here at home over recent months, and even better if they tie in with my resolution to see more musicals (and indeed plays) […]

A new stagey favourite: The Lion King

    Though I like to think of myself as an avid theatre fan, I admit I seem to have a bit of a reputation for being horrendously “late to the party” when it comes to certain shows, especially established long runners. I didn’t see Les Miserables until 2011, and I spent the evening of […]