Bristol Show Choir take on the MACC!

This past weekend was a wonderfully manic and momentous one: I was up in Manchester with my wonderful “castmates” from Bristol Show Choir for our first competitive outing: the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition! Now in its 10th year, the MACC was founded with the aim of celebrating the diversity and talent so prevalent in amateur […]

Oslo – The Harold Pinter Theatre

On 13th September 1993, the Oslo I Accord was signed in Washington DC. The document, known for short as a Declaration of Principles, set out a framework to bring about a resolution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, in the first face to face agreement between the Israeli Government and the Palestine Liberation Organization. […]

The Grinning Man – Trafalgar Studios, 9th December 2017

In the last two or three years of my theatregoing career, I’ve noticed that my tastes and what I look for in a piece, especially in musical theatre, has developed a lot from what it once was. I’ve become more open to new work, I love to be challenged and made to think, and find […]

The Addams Family – Bristol Hippodrome

I’ve a bit of an odd relationship with my local theatre in that pretty often, the shows we end up having here will either have me visiting quite regularly, or I can go months without a visit as nothing really appeals to me. Sometimes though, Bristol will play host to shows that make me incredibly […]

Falling back in love with writing.. I hope!

Hello again folks! I realise this is a little out of character for me, posting again so soon, but I’m trying to make more of a conscientious effort to focus and write more. I’ve always had dreams of being a writer for a living, but for various reasons, some of which I’ll tell you about […]