Jesus Christ Superstar – An idea

Calling all ‪#‎OATsuperstar‬ fans. I set this up so we can show the  Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre team how much we love this show, and how worthy we think it is of a cast recording, for those of us who have seen it, and for those who haven’t had the opportunity, so this incredible piece, including maestro Tom Deering’s amazing refreshed arrangements of Lord Webber’s classic score and performances of Declan, Tyrone, David, Anoushka, Joel, Peter and the rest of the cast can live on. All signatures and shares greatly appreciated!
 Some brilliant comments from supporters of the petition already, and would love to keep the momentum up:
‘Would be a travesty not to’
‘The show was superb and the voices sublime. Can’t imagine ever hearing it done better and would LOVE to be able to listen to those fabulous voices over & over again. Sung with such feeling.’
‘This was truly one of the most magical and spellbinding shows I have ever seen! Taking the score back to its rockier roots with the most stunning cast was sheer perfection and it so deserves to be heard by so many more!!’
I am incredibly excited by the rumours of a West End transfer, but feel the Regent’s Park cast are too incredible to let pass by, while my efforts may not be fruitful, I feel I wanted to try on behalf of this production and team. You can also read my original thoughts on the production here:

3 thoughts on “Jesus Christ Superstar – An idea

  1. Great write up as always! You seriously need to get in touch with Huffington post blog editor you’d be ideal blogging for them, Iv’e looked into it for “wheels of Laughter” and decided against it although you can never say never!

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