Job Hunting, Four Wheels & All Things Rife

A little bit of shameless promotion makes my blog today, dear readers. Last week I wrote an article for Rife Magazine, about the perils I’ve been facing over the past few months since leaving university, most notably trying to get myself a job. Have a read of the article in full here:
The project is described on the site:
‘Born out of a partnership between Bristol Youth Links and Watershed, Rife magazine is a new magazine for young people, written by young people. Covering film, music, art, culture, social issues and politics, Rife is everywhere covering everything Bristol has to offer its young people through all your favourite channels, like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Vines, photos and more.’ This is the result of the week I was involved in back in Feb, #BristolTalentLab and has brought together some of the most talented people I know. We launched officially last night and while I was sadly at choir, I hear it was a blast…
Please do go check it out people, and hang on… it seems #TheBristolTakeover has arrived!


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