#BristolTalentLab – Beginning the week

Hello all!

Thought I’d fill you in on an exciting project I’m currently involved in. This week, the Watershed here in Bristol is running the first annual ‘Bristol Talent Lab’ with help from a London based company the Latimer Group, who specialise in co creating a massive range of innovative projects aimed at young people, everything from charity and marketing campaigns to pretty much any kind of broadcast content you can think of.
Crucially, Latimer strive to make all their work( I should stress here: AWARD WINNING) be a collaborative effort between industry professionals and the young people they are trying to reach, and herein we have the focus of the Talent Lab. The idea behind the Lab is to bring together a group of us creative youngsters Basically, they’ve assembled a team of creative types (bloggers, youtubers, artists, musicians anything you can think of) to help design a new platform for young people in the city. As yet, we’re still unsure what form this is going to take, so Monday was mainly spent bouncing ideas around – what content we as young people would want, what’s wrong with what’s out there already for us and such. One of the major things that came out of these discussions and video interviews (a first for me, I got to have a go at being behind a camera as well as in front- loved it!) was that as a generation, we seem to be very fond of social media and any content we can interact with, so today we took this a little further….

Today, one of our discussions looked at the reach of our content, and how does whatever we might choose to explore create gain audience buzz and interaction, and were set a little challenge, and here I could use your help! Today for the next 24 hours- I get to be a Youtube phenomena, and me and my team need you to answer one simple question: ‘What websites do you use most, and why?’ Here, have a gander: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZakrzQXD9uk&feature=youtu.be
I’d be most grateful if you lovely people would watch, and tweet me your answers (@kerrien_270811) with the hashtag #BristolTalentLab

We know that Bristol is a really vibrant and diverse city in terms of our youth culture, so we’re trying to bring that focus into everything we do and put in our platform… keep track of our goings on with a little help from:

Here on my blog over next few days
AND OF COURSE: #BristolTalentLab


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