John Partridge ‘Dames n Dudes’ @ Hippodrome Casino, London 27/4/2013

John Partridge. Star of stage, screen, talent show judge, and as I learned last night, one HELL of a wonderful showman! When myself and my good friend and theatre buddy Naomi arrived at London’s Hippodrome Casino (which incidentally is an AMAZING building and the staff are all wonderful) I had idea of what to expect in terms of how well he would sing, having forever secured a place in my heart as my favourite incarnation of Rum Tum Tugger in Cats (I played my DVD to DEATH, and always rewind his scenes at least three times every viewing ;)) but I totally wasn’t expecting my mind to be blown to the extent it was. From the moment he stepped onstage, he oozed charm and swagger, and had the audience eating out of his hands. Remember the old advert for Duracell batteries with the pink bunny? That’s what John reminded me of for not only the pure and simple reason that he is completely and utterly ADORABLE, but just because he simply didn’t seem to want to stop- his energy and enthusiasm were completely boundless and infectious, and my GOD he can bust a move! He did things with his hips and legs that had me (and many of the other ladies, and indeed some of the men) all of a flutter! One favourite instance of this was when he was joined by one of his gorgeous female dancers (a.k.a The Ponies) and they did a sultry, sexy dance routine to Roxanne. He can also work a mic stand with such ease it was almost like a third arm, tossing it from hand to hand and all sorts of crazy tricks! God love the man, he even made me fall in love with a Bruno Mars song (Runaway Baby) which I assure you is no mean feat…. must’ve been his killer moves that went with at work again 😉
I’d like to thank John for introducing me to some great songs that I wouldn’t normally listen to (on my own head be these admissions) in the form of stunning renditions of Barbara Streisand’s Queen Bee, Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill and Judy Garland’s My Funny Valentine.
The latter in particular gave me the most DELICIOUS chills, his rich, velvety tone here made me feel like somebody was running a huge block of ice down up and down my spine… and I loved every second of it! He’s inspired me to develop my own taste in music by giving us an insight into his. Another personal highlight was his version of Feelin’ Good. (Inspired use of the megaphone there, JP 😉 ) It was also awesome to hear his own song ‘Tommy & Suzie’, which I can tell you right now: if and when it is released, I will be downloading!
Not content with gracing us with his own talent, John was also joined by Hayley Sanderson (of Strictly Come Dancing singer fame) who did a great rendition of Del Shannon’s Runaway and the AWESOME Saffron from Republica, the pair of them blew the roof off and had us dancing in the aisles with KICK ASS duets on Republica’s Ready To Go & Drop Dead Gorgeous.
Shoutout also must go to John’s band, they are all awesome musicians and really packed a punch!
All in all it was an AWESOME evening and I was proud to have been a part of it 😀



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