Just checking in…

Hello all! My sincere apologies for neglecting my blogging duties of late, I’ve been busy with uni especially now the immortal dissertation will soon commence!
Interestingly, I’ve decided to bring my passion for theatre into my uni studies. During my third year as an undergraduate, I took a class called ‘Literature into Film’, which explored the how’s and why’s behind the adaptation process of page to screen. This kind of thing fascinates me generally outside of my studies (For the record, I enjoy most adaptations and sometimes think the film is better, but majority of the time the book is ;))and for a couple weeks I was genuinely wondering which text/adaptations I could use for my essay as it seemed to me all my old favourites like Austen novels, Dickens, etc have become swamped in literary criticism. Then eventually I struck gold and decided to write on Sherlock Holmes, exploring both the Robert Downey Jr film, and the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman(which those readers who know me well know I ADORE :D). I say struck gold because it gave me the chance to explore a subject area I find fascinating and in that, looking at adaptations I love and it gave my highest mark of the year 🙂
So when our lecturers started quizzing us on ideas for potential dissertation topics, the idea came to me pretty quickly: I want to write on adaptation of literature, but for the stage instead of screen. So that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing over the next couple of months. Admittedly, I wanted to write on Les Misérables as it’s my favourite show and I’ve seen it 8 times so far, so that to me said I could potentially write really well on it, but alas… we are not allowed to write on texts in translation and as the novel is originally French, that put that idea to bed; as it did with Phantom of the Opera & Marguerite. Then it hit me, I had a fantastic night watching Oliver! back in January and it inspired me to re-read the novel, and here we are 🙂
So while I’ve been away and may not post as much as I’d like over the next few months, rest assured I will be checking in as I have a fair few busy months play as well as work wise, so expect posts on:
Chris Holland in Concert- Chris is the current 1st cover Valjean/Courfeyrac in Les Mis, I love him and his voice so am really looking forward to this!
John Partridge’s ‘Dames n’ Dudes’ Cabaret- Been smitten with this man’s voice ever since my Cats DVD got its first play. Will be my first time seeing him live!

Les Mis for a 9th outing, 3rd and final time with this current cast, with aforementioned Chris Holland on 24601 duty 😀
Michael Ball in Concert – Both Sides Now Tour- my 3rd time seeing him live since his incredible run as Sweeney Todd
Billy Elliott – Haven’t seen the show for a good few years and will be the first time I see Killian Donnelly on stage!
Bohehemian Rhapsody Uk tour -I’m a big fan of Queen and for me this had the added bonus of Nathan James!

The Pajama Game – Road trip to Chichester to see my favourite performer Hadley Fraser lead the cast of a musical I admittedly know very little about, but am looking forward to seeing with a whole gang of friends. This will mark the first occasion I’ve ever been able to be pratically front row(my wheelchair means I’m usually at the back or in a box off dress circle, with the exception of the amazing Curve Theatre in Leicester) so for that to be for a show where I see my hero is something I’ll truly treasure. And probably won’t stop yammering on/ tweeting about for weeks. You have been warned, dear readers 😉
A Little Night Music in Concert- Guildford, Row F. & Fra Fee, Rosalie Craig, Anna O’ Byrne and Hadley. Need I say more? 😉

And of course, whatever fun and uni related meltdowns happen in between!



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