Bye bye 2012!

Well folks, it’s that time of year again… time to regale you with my thoughts on my 2012, and give an insight into my hopes for 2013!

Generally, my year has been pretty kick ass. I made the decision to return to uni for my MA and while first term has been really intense and filled with more than it’s fair of ‘my god why am I putting myself through this’ moments, I’m so glad I did return- met some great people and had some great laughs! Here’s to the final six months of metaphorically drowning in word limits, ploughing through piles of books and generally trying to sound clever when I don’t feel like it in the slightest!
Away from the world of academia, my other passion has provided me with some truly awesome moments. I have been to the barricades of Les Mis 5 times, survived two outings to the barber shop of Sweeney Todd, been away to find Neverland, had The Phantom inside my mind 4 times in the guise of two equally brilliant men and prowled around the Pride Lands of The Lion King. As a result of all these, I have been truly grateful to have seen and met so many of those talented men and women who I admire so, and find new inspirations: so with that in mind a big thankyou all, but special mention to:
Tam Mutu
Julian Ovenden
Gerónimo Rauch
Michael Ball
Rosalie Craig
Sierra Boggess
Katie Hall
Earl Carpenter
John Owen-Jones
Craig Mather
James Charlton
Rob Vickers
Ramin Karimloo
(to name but a few!)
And of course- Hadley Fraser who I have been had the privilege and pleasure of seeing (both with and without sideburns & truncheon ;)) on many an occasion. Just to reiterate the closing sentiment of my blog about his October gig at St James: I genuinely cannot thank Hadley enough. He is an absolute star whose awesome music has blessed my life with so many incredible memories and many friends, and looking forward to making more this coming year!

Speaking of, an equally special mention must go to Naomi, Lou & Daneyka- 3 people whose friendship and support this year have meant more to me than I think it’s possible for me to put into words. Their warmth, humor and patience have helped me through all of my unhappy moments- with them around I don’t feel so alone anymore. As always in life, things don’t always work out how you want or plan them to. I’ve had a few of these, and learnt some great lessons from them- ones that I hope to honour and make 2013 better for the things I’ve learnt about myself:
• I’m an incredibly sensitive soul and take things way too personally at times. I’ve got to learn to toughen up a little, and learn that it’s ok to fail or when things don’t go my way. To quote Jackie Chan in the remake of Karate Kid: ‘Life will knock us down, but we can choose whether or not to get back up.’
• Same principle also applies in my friendships. I like to think of myself as an incredibly loyal friend, and hope the people in my life think the same. This year, as well as some incredibly precious moments in my life with friends: I have been let down and discovered that sometimes I’m too nice for my own good and expect too much of people because I try my hardest to make an effort; but sometimes get very little in return- I’ve cried on occasion, but have come to the conclusion that the ones that are closest to me are and always will be the ones that are worth most of my time. Oh, by the way, I didn’t mean this to offend or upset- I’m trying to be honest with myself. Deb Caletti, in her book ‘The Nature of Jade’, says: you feel a sense of loss, even though you didn’t have something in the first place. I guess that’s what disappointment is- a sense of loss for something you never had.”

But enough doom & gloom…. Onto my hopes for 2013! I’ll be turning 23 in the summer, and as such I think it’s time to at least start thinking about some ‘grown up’ decisions. I love my family dearly, but have recently stared thinking about ‘flying the nest’ and being more independent, ideally in London where aside from here with my family, I love to be and spend the most of my free time! For sure this will be nothing but a pipe dream until I get my act together (by which I mean get a job and save up and all that jazz) but hey: it’s something to aim for!
As you might know, last year I started writing a novel. I aim to get this finished and potentially look into getting it published!
I also want to graduate with a good MA, and look into doing my teacher training.

We’ll see what the year brings, shall we? 😉 Thankyou all for taking time to read this blog, wether it be for the first time, or one of many! May 2013 be a happy, kick ass year for all of us!

Much love,
Kerrie xx


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