Fairytale of New York @ St James Studio, 8th December 2012


So now I’ve sadly come back down to earth, I thought it was about time I filled y’all in the immense Saturday I had with many of my friends and four phenomenally  talented and wonderfully lovely people in my favourite city in the world.

I was joined by my good friend Kristine, and seeing that our usual hangout (the Costa opposite a certain theatre ;)) was full; we figured we’d go and wander in search of hot chocolate elsewhere.

This proved to be a bit of a fruitless quest as everywhere was either full or too tricky for me to get into, but we happily chatted away and wandered into parts of London I’ve never been to before, a particular highlight of mine was ending up by the beautiful Palace Theatre and admiring the lovely red brickwork. Eventually, we gave up and, regretting the fact I wasn’t wearing a hat & gloves as I was damn near frozen (or at least felt like it!) I phoned my Dad who offered to drive us to St James for the night ahead. Yay warmth!

I was hugely excited to be returning to the wonderful St.James Theatre and its Studio, and looked forward to another night of awesome music and laughter. A little thing that made both Kris and I smile: Hadley was mingling around talking with people and at one point my dad who was clearing a path through the crowds brushed against his back- the pair of us were chuckling quietly to ourselves and willing Hadley to turn around as we were sure he’d recognise Dad, if only for the fact he’s been with me on a couple of occasions when I’ve met Hadley previously!

    We did however, catch up with the lovely Sylvia and Lyn, spending a wickedly funny few hours chatting away over good food and (apparently- I don’t drink the stuff) even better wine!

Shoutout also to Carol who had travelled over from Canada for the occasion- it was really great to meet you finally and hope we get the chance to see each other again sometime in the new year! As showtime loomed, I was buzzing as we headed down to the Studio, more familiar faces showed up including my pal Katy along with the lovely Kaylan (great to see you again hun, let’s do it again soon! 😀 ) and Natalie (lovely meeting you and I hope we meet again sometime soon :D) We settled into our  seats and were braced for an evening that in short was an absolute delight from start to finish.

     The familiar faces of Hadley & Rosalie were joined by two people whose names were vaguely familiar to me but I can tell you now I’m hoping and praying it this wasn’t  the last occasion I’m able to see them both- Sandra Marvin & Adrian Hansel, so I’d like to give them a special mention first of all!

Sandra opened the festivities and my GOOD god that woman can belt a tune! She has such a rich and powerful voice and I thoroughly enjoyed every single song she sang, but if I had to pick a highlight for her in my mind it would go to her rendition of Santa Baby. She sure knows how to work a room, and her infectious laughter and enthusiasm really rubbed off on us, flirty minx that she is 😀

There isn’t really much else to say about Adrian other than I loved his voice- it’s incredibly smooth and soulful and reminded me of melting chocolate- an absolute pleasure to indulge in! Another little thing that made me happy was every so often he’d catch my eye and beam at me, or wink. It was such a pleasure knowing these  amazing performers seem genuinely grateful for our support and get a buzz out of knowing we’re enjoying witnessing them doing what they love to do. Again, like Sandra I enjoyed everything he sang, but a particular favourite was Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

As ever, Rosalie was absolutely flawless. Particular favourites from her renditions were White Christmas  and Joni Mitchell’s River. One word: CHILLS 😀

Ah, Hadley Fraser. It’s stupid me writing reams and reams about how much I admire and respect this man both as a performer and a human being now- if you’ve read this blog or know me at all, you’ll already know how much 😉 A moment of pure utter GENIUS must be mentioned however, and that’s That You Santa Claus?

It had everybody in absolute STITCHES due to his introductory rant- YouTube it and you’ll see  what I mean! Let’s just say I won’t ever think of Santa without giggling like a mad thing now so cheers for that, Hadley! 😀

Another special mention must go to the gentleman who, though obscured from my view by a piano all evening, did an absolute belter of a job tinkling those ivories, even occasionally lending his voice to proceedings.  ‘Tom Pearce, ladies and gentlemen!’

What I loved was that  Hadley, Rosalie, Adrian & Sandra all stayed onstage throughout the evening, it was lovely watching them support and have playful banter with each other- my favourite instances of which included during The Christmas Song when Sandra missed her cue and Adrian nudged her, reminding her of the lyrics and she finished the first part of her line at record speed. She laughed, and so did everyone else. Rosalie’s assurances that ‘Adrian will be coming round with the mistletoe later!’ also got the room going!


It was a great evening and I couldn’t think of a better way to ward off the winter blues! As always though, the fun didn’t end there! We all had a great time talking with Hadley, who as ever was a complete joy. Favourite moment was with my good pal Katy, who had asked him if he’d pose for a picture with the both of us, and I really appreciated the fact that he knelt down for it, even though I felt so sorry for him and his poor knees!  His ‘come on then, let’s see it…. Ah, we’re looking very Christmassy, love the glow’ made mine and Katy’s evening, and gave us a new found appreciation for photos in soft focus 😀

Lots of cuddles and a kiss from the man himself under the mistletoe was an added bonus 😉

We spied Sandra at the bar, and Katy went over to ask her if she’d come say hi. She said she’d happily oblige as soon as she’d got herself a drink. To fill the time, Katy asked Kaylan if she’d take another photo of us together and from the corner of my eye see Sandra run from the bar and into shot with us, and when she asked if we minded there was a chorus of ‘Na Sandra, go for it!’ all around 😀 Katy and I can’t remember what we said,  but I have a wicked photo where Sandra is laughing her head off… so thanks to her for making me & Katy smile!

Adrian also made my evening with his greeting: ‘I don’t need to ask if you enjoyed it, I could see that you did!’ and when I said how awesome the harmonies were, he said: ‘Yes! High five for the harmonies’ and proceeded to give me one 😀


Fairytale of New York – London style 😀


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