Getting ready to Rock!

Hi all! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while… been waiting for something else exciting to happen in my somewhat quiet and dull graduate existence since Les Mis last month, which I am pleased to report came on Tuesday with my taster with Rock Choir. The name may be familiar to some if you saw the recent ITV documentary, ‘ The Choir that Rocks’, which over 3 episodes culminated in their performance at Wembley Arena. If you didn’t, a bit of background. Founded in 2005, They are the largest contemporary choir with over 8,000 members as they have smaller choirs all up and down the UK and Ireland, specialising in Pop, Gospel and Motown genres.

  Now, those of you who know me well will know I LOVE to sing. I CAN’T, but I love to and one of the things that drew me into joining Rock Choir was the fact that a member doesn’t need any experience. I have a little of singing solo, but haven’t sung in a choir since my secondary school days. The other thing I liked was the fact that they welcome all ages, so you get a wonderful mix of people from all kinds of backgrounds 🙂

I arrived for my taster session already smitten, mainly because I could hear the early evening choir belting out the first new tune for the term: ‘Ain’t No Mountain’ from outside the door and it sounded awesome 🙂 I met some fellow Rock Choir newbies, and was soon introduced to some ‘old hands’ who helped put me at ease immediately, along with our leader Michael whose smile and sense of humor are infectious 🙂 The vocal warm ups are among the silliest and most fun I have ever experienced. These included: revving a motorbike (VROOM VROOM!), winding up a siren for a toy fire engine, and ‘Many men’ ing our way through the William Tell Overture.

During the first couple sessions, you’re free to move around in the 3 different sections of the choir until you find where you are able to sing most comfortably. I felt a bit akward as I started in the Alto section but was struggling to keep with the notes, so eventually moved to Soprano and soon found myself ROCKIN’ OUT 🙂 I fell in love with the energy permeating round the room from all these voices and can’t wait to get properly into it… I sense that tuesdays will fast become my favourite day of the week 😀


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