Proud member of the Class of 2011!

So, that’s it. I’m now a Cardiff University graduate!! Scary… how the three years seems to shoot by 🙂 Thought I’d give y’all a low down of how the day went!


The first couple hours were pretty frazzled, trying to fight our way through crowds of people in City Hall… but eventually I was suited up for the ceremony, with the help of a couple safety pins and kirby grips. Getting photos taken with the folks was funny- I had a few official ones done and while the lovely lady was setting me up, my grandpa lurked in the corner behind her taking a few snaps of his own. What’s more, when she tried to group us all in together, he was just like: ‘No, we don’t need to be in these!’

To which I replied: ‘Do you know how much I’ve paid for these?! You are BEING in these photos.’ Needless to say, I won 😉

The actual ceremony itself was pretty great, St David’s hall is a fine venue! I don’t mean to sound clichéd, but it was just an honour to be sharing our successes and a great three years. I hadn’t been all that nervous the entire day, until I saw the stage and had an idea of how many people were going to be there… there must have been close to over 1500 watching. No pressure whilst on stage at all then! My turn was relatively smooth, except for nearly getting stuck on one of the microphone stands, which made for a rather slow exit from stage. Was proud of my ‘doff’ though 😉

Without a doubt though, the highlight for me during the whole day was the reception which was a chance to catch up with a couple friends and our wonderful lecturers. Special thanks to a Heather Worthington, Rob Gossedge, Irene Morra, The legendary Martin’s: Coyle and Kayman for all their kind words- really meant a lot!

Rob in particular was, as usual an utter delight 🙂 He seemed genuinely upset that I wasn’t coming back in september, which was very sweet of him(don’t worry- I shall return!) and he had me grinning from ear to ear as always. My lovely Joy Aisling Brown and I had a little fangirly moment when she told me that he had potentially approved of her MA dissertation topic… which involves The God of Mischief. (A whole paper as a love letter to Tom Hiddleston, anyone? 😉

I also had a chance to catch up with my friend Sinéad, which was awesome as I hadn’t really seen her much during the last few weeks of term. It also reminded me of the fact that I’ve been extremely priveleged to share my university years with a fantastic bunch of people, and we’re going to have to work extra hard to stay in touch. All I can say to the latter point:




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