Thursday’s awesome times… sun, friends, laughs and Harry Potter :)

Hey all!

I’ve realised something recently. That weeks and weeks with only Facebook, your writing and your folks (however well they mean) to keep you entertained can be a teensy bit of a drag. There came a moment at some point last week where my  overiding thought was simply: I need to see my friends. Get me out of here! Thankfully, that saving grace came last Thursday, courtesy of two wonderful ladies: Josey and Joy. My dad was kind enough to drive me into Cardiff, where we spent a glorius afternoon catching up in the sunshine. We spoke at length about our respective projects (I’m writing a book, Joy a film and Josey is directing a play along with a few other writings. I know, we’re awesome 😉 ) and had hours o’ fun talking our dream casts for the film adaptations. Tangents relating to this included mine and Josey’s mutual adoration for a certain actor and his ability to look fabulous whilst forging iron, and me listening in delight whilst Josey and Joy discussed the finer points of editing and script writing, fixing each others plot holes and so on.

This carried on for a good few hours, until hunger drove us to the pub, where in between food, the creative muses were still fuelling our imaginations. Josey told me the entire plot of her novel (which hasn’t even been written yet, I might add). It was awesome 😀

Roll on to the latter part of the evening, where we were joined by the delightful Glen. He had very kindly bought all of us tickets to the midnight showing of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part II, which in my humble and irrelevant opinion, was a film pretty damn near perfection, even if it did make me cry like a baby on more than one occasion.

Brilliant day- I wanna do it again 😀

In other news: I graduate tomorrow. MEEP


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