I’ve certainly changed MY tune!

Hey all, another blog ahoy 🙂

I remember when I first finished university, it struck me that life without it is going to be RIDICULOUSLY boring. Now I’ve started to re-evalute that point. I will certainly MISS university and all the amazing friends I’ve made… but life at the moment is  pretty cool and surprisingly busy! I am going back to college in september to train to be a teaching assistant, which will hopefully put me in good stead for reapplying to do a PGCE, should I go through with that idea… I don’t actually feel entirely comfortable or confident with the idea of actually teaching kids JUST yet!

As the majority of the people who will read this know, I am a HUGE concert and theatre buff- and on that score this year is shaping up rather excellently. First up, I am celebrating my 21st birthday in august with a trip to see my favourite musical of ALL TIME Les Miserables with one of my best friends. The cast for this 2 and a half hour masterpiece of musical theatre includes two people in particular who I cannot wait to see strutting their stuff on stage. These two gentlemen are the fabulous Alfie Boe & Hadley Fraser. I was first introduced to these two very talented men whilst watching the 25th Anniversary concert of that same musical, Alfie playing Jean Valjean and Hadley playing one of the ABC revolutionaries- the loveable Grantaire. I watched the DVD in complete and utter awe, with shivers constantly rippling down my spine and am not ashamed to admit it was (and still stands as) the first musical to make me cry. Since seeing this, I am now a devoted fan of Alfie’s music, both in and out of musical theatre.

I’m ashamed to say now, but Hadley took a while for me to warm up to. After a second watch of the DVD however, I realised how powerful his voice was and how much his take on the character made me smile and still to this day his appearance remains one of my favourite moments in the entire concert. When he was announced as part of the new cast for the production, I was surprised and excited to see he would be taking on the role of Javert, who despite being the antagonist of the book and musical, is probably my favourite character. My favourite incarnation of Javert was brought to life by the incredible Phillip Quast in the 10th anniversary concert of Les Mis, and sure as heck Hadley has some mighty awesome shoes to fill… but I needn’t worry about him. This new cast had an appearance on the Classic Brit Awards recently, and although Hadley only had two lines to himself (they were singing One Day More which all the main characters are involved in), he did me proud.

Like Alfie, Hadley also has music outside of musical theatre, in the form of the band Sheytoons, with fellow musical star Ramin Karimloo. Their music is best described as indie folk, and I love it the more I hear of it. I love how their voices work together and love seeing them get into music other than showtunes. They write all their own stuff too, which is always a bonus!

So what, you may ask will I be doing as well as seeing Les Mis? Enjoying the sights and sounds of London town with my folks and a good friend. The trip is actually a week before my birthday, but I certainly know it will help make it one to remember 🙂

Next up, we have october where I have the pleasure of seeing the aforementioned Ramin Karimloo live in concert. I last saw him in the flesh as the phantom in The Phantom of the Opera for my 18th. He was awesome and he has fast become one of my favourite leading men!

November I’m going to see John Barrowman for the fourth time (yes I’m a fangirl) and one of my recent favourite bands Alter Bridge for the first time!

December I’m seeing Alfie Boe again, along with David Hasslehoff in pantomime as Captain Hook which is bound to be hilarious!

In between college in september, I’m hoping to join Rock Choir… made famous for the ITV documentary ‘The Choir That Rocks. They played WEMBLEY a few months back.

So, I shall be keeping very busy which has taught me a valuable lesson: Try to keep the ‘I’m BORRRRED’ to a minimum… cause life is only as fun as you want to make it 😉


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