A Sudden Realisation: The End of an Era, but its not all bad

Hey all, sorry I haven’t posted anything in a long while, I’ve been busy writing the 5 essays which equate to 9600 words in order to finish my undergraduate career. Today I handed the last one in, meaning I am technically no longer a university student. It was a strange feeling, I was expecting to feel really sad or really happy, but instead I just felt… weird. Lost is the wrong word, it was more like: ‘Huh. Ok. It’s over. Next!!’

To celebrate, I headed to the pub with a gang of friends. There was food, drink, and lots of laughter 🙂 And I had a sudden epiphany: I’m so lucky to have made friends like these in the years I’ve been here, and I’ll miss them terribly. But I made a promise to myself: to never fall out of touch with friends again, as I did in school and sixth form. So, we’ve made plans for summer and beyond – WIN 😀

Now, its a great feeling knowing I can get back to doing the the things I love without essays looming: writing, reading and spending time with family and friends. So far, my plans for summer include:

  • My weekend in London seeing my fave musical ever for my 21st
  • Going to see ‘Hamlet’, starring the awesome Michael Sheen
  • Introducing some pals to my home turf
  • Hopefully writing more of my novel

And then there’s the plan for september. After university, I want to go into teaching. As I was rejected for my PGCE this time round, I plan to do a course to be a teaching assistant and get more experience in the classroom before applying again, and hopefully get a job in between 🙂

The general consensus: yes, we’re moving on. But right now, we’re free and life is good 😀


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