Still suffering post show blues…. gearing up to face essays!

Hi all!

Well, I made my debut finally after 2 years with the drama club here at university, and I’ve gotta say that coming offstage to applause is one of the best feelings in the world. I got such a buzz from it and was so happy to have been involved in an evening with so many talented people. I confess though, I was a little jealous… all the plays were written by members of the society, all of whom seemingly have far superiour writing skills to me!

Backstage though, I was a complete wreck. I’ve never been more nervous about anything I’ve done before. All my friends were telling me to relax and that I’d be fine, but it wasn’t going in. I was shaking, scared and kept singing ‘One Day More’ from Les Miserables to calm myself.( Surprisingly this worked – god bless the lyrical genius that is Herbert Kretzmer :D) and the play was a success!

And so now I have a void in my life that I keep trying to fill, else the boredom will drive me crazy. I’ve had more time to devote to my novel which has been awesome, but it has also distracted me from the ever more pressing matter of 3rd year essays. I’m taking 5 modules this term which means 4 x 1600 word essays plus another 3200 word one.

That makes 9600 words. CRAP. I really should crack on with these….

Most all of them are planned and ready to go, so I’m not too worried. Yet!

Kerrie xx


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