Beginnings of a hobby

I remember mentioning in my first blog that I love to write and I’m writing a novel at the moment. I have always been into writing, but never wrote anything of length until my A level class project. My teacher said it had potential and was really encouraging and helpful in terms of how I can develop my skills as a writer. When I moved up to university level, I took creative writing as part of my first term in second year, focusing on fiction; it was tough going at times, but generally really rewarding and a great insight into all the things I still need to learn. Most important thing being: try to be tough skinned and appreciate constructive criticism. I was really pleased with my mark for that portfolio, and keen to carry on with subject.

Sadly though, all the fiction classes filled up really quickly for the first term of this year, and I missed out. Not wanting to give up easily, I took a brave stab and decided to take up poetry instead. Having not written any poetry since my early secondary school years, I knew this would be a bit of a risk and a challenge, but I figured it would be a good change to make my ability less rusty. Turns out that despite my best efforts, my poetry mark wasn’t as good as I’d hoped. For a week or so I was feeling rather disillusioned and down about failing to make a stand out impression thus leaving my original plan to do a Masters in Creative Writing in limbo, so I went to my tutors for some wisdom. Both of them had great insight into how I was feeling, and my 2nd year tutor said he loved my passion and enthusiasm, urging me not to give up writing entirely as a hobby just because for the time being it hadn’t led me in the direction I’d planned. This gave me the courage to pick up the ideas and start I’d made in a novel last summer out of boredom, and I’m pleased to say, said novel is starting to take shape 😉

I thought I’d post it up here in later blogs… any thoughts and/or criticism welcome. Prologue will be up shortly 😉

Kerrie xx


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